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By way of a hobby I am a columnist for "Hi-Fi Choice" and "Hi-Fi Critic" magazines and periodically I contribute to other journals. A few of these articles are available below for you to download and read. I hope you enjoy them. Over the years I've written hundreds of articles and over the coming months I will add some of the more interesting pieces. Some older articles can be found HERE

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Stan's Safari Part.1. A discussion about loudspeaker design first published in "HiFi Critic" March 2008.


Stan's Safari Part.2. A discussion about keeping hi-fi syatems and designs simple. First published in "HiFi Critic" May 2008.


Stan's Safari Part.3. Starting the discussion about amplifiers


Stan's Safari Part.4. Continuing the discussion about amplifiers and components


Stan's Safari Part.5. Thinking about how good the old analogue tape recorders were


Stan's Safari Part.6. Perhaps some modern CD players just have too much processing


Stan's Safari Part.7. On musical scales and how little things add up to become big things you can hear

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