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During the past year Stan Curtis has been busy designing several exciting new products for clients. Prior to that over the past six years or so he was organising the supply of LCD televisions and other products for a leading UK supermarket chain; working as International Projects Director for Supportive Technologies, a Malaysian company, and helping to prepare them for a listing on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange - The Bursa Malaysia; and assisting in raising substantial finance for a UK electronics company seeking to expand. In between these tasks he continued to visualise and create new products for clients.

Prior to that he has worked with or consulted for many companies in the consumer electronics industry. The full list reads like a "Who's Who" of the industry and although some names cannot be published for reasons of confidentiality, those that can be mentioned include:-

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Former Chairman of Quad, he introduced critically aclaimed new products and led a turnaround from heavy loss-making into profitability. Led a management buyout from the NXT group and the subsequent sale to Chinese shareholders.

Introduced a totally new product strategy coining the phrase "Balanced Design Concept" and designed dozens of award-winning products that laid the foundations for this company's continuing sucess

Initially as Technical Director he brought new products and marketing ideas including demonstrating the World's first fully digital Radio Tuner. In the 1980s he became owner of the company and introduced several ground-breaking products including the World's first Two-Box CD Player

A founder-director of this company which went on to be a leading British loudspeaker and consumer electronics manufacturer

A substantial international manufacturer of domestic; professional and recording studio loudspeakers and other equipment. Stan Curtis designed the hardware for a unique digital room correction system together with several other electronic products.

A world reknown manufacturer of tape-recorders and other electronic products. Undertook extensive work for this company in both the UK and the USA.

A leading British manufacturer of loudspeaker products. Worked with this company on new product ideas.

A leading Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics and computer components. Worked with Teac and created several products uniquely tailored for European markets.
Was Managing Director and subsequently Chairman of this iconic British loudspeaker company. Was part of a team that took this business from virtual bankruptcy to the sucessful No.1. sales in the UK ; China and several other countries. Led a management buyout from the NXT group and the subsequent sale to Chinese shareholders.

One of the leading British manufacturers of high-end hi-fi equipment.

A specialist British manufacturer of high-end hi-fi equipment. Designed several landmark products for this company.

A leading Japanese manufacturer of electronic products. Assisted this company in developing its European market.

Founded this company in partnership with Chinese shareholders following the management buyouts of Wharfedale, Quad and the subsequent purchase of Airdale, Mission and AudioLab. Now a major Chinese player in the consumer and professional audio and lighting industries.

One of the largest Japanese consumer electronics groups. Assisted them in establishing a product strategy for Europe.

NXT plc, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is the provider of unique sound solutions and best known for its flat panel loudspeaker technology based upon core technology introduced by Stan Curtis from the Defence Research Agency.

A leading British manufacturer of professional and domestic loudspeakers. Stan Curtis assisted them by introducing new design ideas.

A manufacturer of audio-visual components and products and now part of the Armour Group. Designed a number of products for this company.

CHANGHONG is a major Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, and possibly the largest manufacturer of televisions, with an annual turnover of over $2.2 billion US dollars

DESAY A&V has a total of more than 1500 employees, 18 production lines and has an annual turnover of up to 2.4 million units of DVD players and home theatre systems.

Supportive Technology Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading one-stop OEM & ODM of audio systems in Malaysia. Stan Curtis was International Projects Director

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of Europe’s leading suppliers of record players and hi-fi electronics. 

Monrio was one of the first of a new-wave of Italian audio-visual manufacturers and Stan Curtis was proud to design its first ranges of products

Designed a range of products including DVD Players and Home Cinema systems sold through such outlets as Debenhams.

Worked closely with founder, Dave Martin, to design and develop concert sized sound systems for such leading rock bands as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes.

A major American manufacturer of consumer electronic products. Stan Curtis designed several important products for this company.

Was Managing Director of this company in the late 1970s and was brought in to rescue the company following its bankruptcy. Subsequently re-established the brand in the 1990s as a manufacturer of DVD Players; televisions; Home Cinema systems etc. before selling it to the Debenhams Stores Group.

Created a range of hi-fi stereo amplifier products for this specialist UK company
Designed amplifier and CD players for this audio manufacturer, then owned by Bowers & Wilkins.


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